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41017 Dental Office

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Sparkling white teeth can make you look and feel more confident. You should be proud of your smile and confident to share it with the world! However, if stains and discolorations have left you feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, let us be of assistance at our 41017 dental office. The talented team behind Grandview Family Dental offer the latest in safe and effective teeth whitening.

41017 Dental Office

Any trip to the grocery store or pharmacy will reveal the plethora of over-the-counter products that claim to whiten teeth including: strips, gels, pastes, pens and bleaches. However, these products vary in effectiveness and some have even been discovered to contain abrasive ingredients that can be harmful to your teeth. It is important to remember the safest and most effective options in teeth whitening are available through your dentist. The first step is to evaluate your oral health at our 41017 dental office. There are many factors that impact tooth color, including the consumption of certain food and beverages, tobacco use and even age, but that does not mean a beautiful smile is unattainable. Once we have developed a comprehensive smile makeover plan that will yield satisfying results, we’ll  determine which whitening method works best for your schedule and preference.  We offer our whitening procedure in two forms. Our in-office procedure takes as little as an hour to complete and can leave your smile up to 8 shades brighter! If you want to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home, we offer a convenient take-home system,  including custom fabricated whitening trays that can be worn day or night to produce excellent results over a more gradual period of time – typically two weeks or less.

If you want a more attractive smile, why wait any longer? Let our skilled dental team help you achieve your cosmetic dental goals.  Call our 41017 dental office today to schedule an appointment.


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